Reports from the Field
Mass digitisation of 1-inch Type C videotape


Checking a Sony BVH-2000 studio model.

Lessons learned from large-scale projects in 2016, 2017 and 2022.

What and How

Short presentations by Joshua Levy, Michal Cohen and Reto Kromer, followed by an informal Q&A session and light refreshments. The participants should be familiar with analogue video recording in the television domain.

When and Where

In-person at the EPFL Innovation Park with webcast on Friday the 3rd of March 2023, starting at 11 o’clock sharp here in Switzerland (that’s 10:00 UTC). We will use a Jitsi-based platform and the link will be provided in proper time.

As usual, the admission to our Reports from the Field is free, but a registration is required, as the seats are limited to a dozen or so, in order to enable in-depth technical discussions and the exchange of information.


  • We are very unhappy that our generosity is often betrayed, as many of our materials are distributed without naming their origin. Increasingly, others are even shamelessly claiming authorship of our work, which is just disgusting behaviour. And that’s the very reason why some resources are no longer freely available, but have been moved to password-protected parts of our website.