AV Preservation by reto.ch

We are a small, highly skilled moving image conservation and restoration facility based in Switzerland. Our team provides worldwide comprehensive services that encompass the whole range of audio-visual preservation, and offers you Swiss quality at a competitive price. We also have a particular commitment to the dissemination of audio-visual conservation and restoration techniques, and we are actively engaged in a number of relevant national and international professional bodies.

Hours of Operation

From Monday to Thursday from 8 o’clock until noon (CET/CEST), or by appointment.


AV Preservation by reto.ch Sàrl
chemin du Suchet 5
1024 Écublens


Please note that, sadly, the Swiss Post does not deliver Express shipments at our address. Please use instead FexEd or another courier. If you chose Swiss Post, then please please please use only their Priority or Economy parcels and letters. Thank you very much indeed!


In order to limit the amount of spam, we don’t wish to publish email addresses on our web-sites. Unfortunately our feedback form has been censored by the current provider. However, here is a hint: ROT13(vasb@ergb.pu)

+41 21 691 6511 (please consider our hours of operation)
Facility Code
Bank Account

Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern
IBAN: CH52 0900 0000 8551 6643 9

Federal Identification Number (UID)
VAT Number
CHE-269.401.309 VAT

From Analogue to Digital It’s Just One Kilometre to the North-East

At the end of 2012, after eight years of activity, the old company reto.ch Sàrl has been closed. A new company AV Preservation by reto.ch Sàrl has opened at the beginning of 2013 at the same address with the same staff and an improved digital offer, yet without the analogue lab. And two years later we moved one kilometre to the north-east.