AV Preservation by reto.ch

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Création de la serpentine

A stencil-coloured print of
Création de la serpentine by Segundo de Chomón
(Pathé Frères, France 1908).

We are a small, highly skilled moving image conservation and restoration facility based in Switzerland. Our team provides worldwide comprehensive services that encompass the whole range of audio-visual preservation, and offers you Swiss quality at a competitive price. We are also actively engaged in a number of relevant national and international professional bodies.

Our Services Include

  • film digitisation for both preservation and access purposes
  • audio-visual files and data transformations
  • data migration with file format maintenance
  • digital archiving service
  • moving image restoration
  • consultancy, training and research on audio-visual preservation issues


Patronage of the Arts and the Sciences

  • AMIA, the Association of Moving Image Archivists
  • FIAF, the International Federation of Film Archives
  • IASA, the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives
  • SEAPAVAA, the SouthEast Asia-Pacific AudioVisual Archive Association
  • AEC Film Preservation Workshop, 19–23 June 2017, Salaya, Thailand
  • Film Preservation and Restoration Workshop India 2017, 7–14 October 2017, Chennai, India



  • Data Migration, Our Fremeny, «The Reel Thing XLII» at the AMIA Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, United Stated of America, on 29 November – 2 December 2017 [en]
  • Chimica nel restauro. Conservazione e trattamento di film e nastri magnetici and Laboratorio digitale, L’Immagine Ritrovata, 15–19 January 2018 in Bologna, Italy [it]
  • On the Bright Side of Data Migrations, «Restoration Asia V» at the SEAPAVAA Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, on 6–12 April 2018 [en]
  • Open Source for Archives, a two-day workshop at «AV Archiving Beyond Boundaries», the SEAPAVAA Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, on 6–12 April 2018 [en]
  • Laboratorio di restauro e archiviazione digitale del film e del video, Università degli Studi di Udine, 7–11 May 2018 in Gorizia, Italy [it]