Reports from the Field

File and Data Restoration

Today there are a few open-source tools, such as fq or BitCurator, that can be used to repair broken audio-visual files and bit-level corrupted data. We are exploring this area for two years and a half, while trying to follow the ethics of classic conservation and restoration. Mattias Wadman’s presentation of his fq during the No Time To Wait 6 conference prompted us to publicly present our preliminary results.

What and How

Real-world examples with the theoretical foundations that guided us, presented by Michal Cohen and Reto Kromer, followed by an informal Q&A session and light refreshments. Note that this will be a technical meeting and the participants should be familiar with audio and video file formats, especially so-called raw data.

All the information collected during this meeting may be used, without further notice, both for our developments and for our training courses.

When and Where

In-person at the EPFL Innovation Park with webcast on Friday the 20th of January 2023, starting at 11 o’clock sharp here in Switzerland (that’s 10:00 UTC). We will use a Jitsi-based platform and the link will be provided in proper time.

As usual, the admission to our Reports from the Field is free, but a registration is required, as the seats are limited to a dozen or so, in order to enable in-depth professional discussions and information exchange.