Digital Archives

Digital Archives and Data Maintenance

This lecture focuses on the databases related to the catalogue, but the main part applies also to the actual audio-visual files. Data are not there once and for ever! On the contrary, data must be maintained both on a day-to-day basis and at special occasions, for example when new equipment is installed or existing equipment is modified. In addition, the migration routines, which cannot be avoided, are excellent times to correct errors in the structure and metadata of the archive, as well as to carry out data consolidation.

Open-Source Tools and Resources

The students will practically explore free open-source software, such as FFmpeg and MediaInfo with their associated resources, and learn how to integrate them into small programs, such as a Bash scripts. One exercise consists in trying to consolidate the technical metadata generated from different tools into one single document. Another exercise consists in exploring how processes can be automated, using the example of checksums. At the end we will discuss together the experiences we have gained during the class.