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Marie-Louise / Marie Louise •••

Director: Leopold Lindtberg

Production: Praesens-Film AG, Zürich

Country: Switzerland

Year: 1944


  • Josiane Hegg (Marie-Louise)
  • Heinrich Gretler (Mr Rüegg)
  • Anne-Amrie Blanc (Heidi Rüegg)
  • Margrit Winter (Anna Rüegg)
  • Armin Schweizer (Bänninger)
  • Mathilde Danegger (Päuli)
  • Fred Tanner (Robert Sceibli)
  • Emil Gerber (Ernst Schwarzenbach)
  • Pauline Carton (Ms Gilles)
  • Germaine Tournier (Ms Fleury)
  • Jean Host (Mr Deschamps)


  • Script: Richard Schweizer
  • Photography: Emil Berna
  • Editing: Hermann Haller
  • Music: Robert Blum
  • Sound: Bruno Müller

Format: 35 mm (1.37), bw, comopt (mono), 2581 m = 01:34:05 (24 fps)

Preservation master: Cinémathèque suisse, Lausanne



The Italian sound of this film was preserved by Schweizer Fernsehen in 2010. The work was carried out by and Hermann Wetter.

ISAN: 0000–0000–494A–0000–W–0000–0000–F


  • Cinémathèque suisse, Lausanne
  • Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Zürich

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