Reports from the Field

Running CP/M and Pascal on Apple II, II Plus and IIe

What and How

An extension card with a Z80 CPU allows to run almost any personal computer software from the 1980s on Apple II, Apple II Plus and Apple IIe. The card works under the CP/M operating system (originally Control Program/Monitor and later Control Program for Microcomputers). This kit was developed and sold first by … Microsoft!

We will benchmark Pascal (as well as, for the fun, its Soviet “equivalent” Рапира) on 6502 and Z80.


A short presentation by Reto Kromer on an original Apple IIe (as well as a Правец 8А, a Bulgarian clone) and a niche possibility that the Spoiled Apples emulation offers on most modern computers, followed by an informal Q&A session. Sadly, the traditional light refreshments cannot be served this time …

When and Where

On Friday the 18th of September 2020, starting at 11 o’clock sharp (09:00 UTC). We will use a Jitsi-based platform and the link will be provided in proper time.

As usual, the admission to our Reports from the Field is free, but a registration is required, as the seats are limited to a dozen, in order to allow technical discussion and information exchange. The attendees should be familiar with the classic Apple II computers, because we will actually delve into their extension.