Reports from the Field

Working with Multispectral Moving Images

As it is current practice since years in other fields of fine arts’ conservation and restoration, there is an increasing need to work with multispectral content for moving images as well. We wish to present to our colleagues and friends some results of our research in this field, and to share with them our thoughts.

The openMSMI package, which we are currently testing in an alpha release, contains the following elements:

  • MSMI is an experimental video codec for multispectral moving images, specifically designed for conservation and restoration purposes;
  • libmsmi is a C library implementing the MSMI video codec;
  • openmsmi is a Bash command-line interface to libmsmi allowing to encode, decode, play and analyse multispectral moving images.

What, When and Where

How to build in-house a multispectral scanner for moving images? What are the challenges? How to use the multispectral imaging in conservation and restoration workflows? What are the benefits?

A short talk with demonstrations by Reto Kromer, followed by an informal Q&A session and light refreshments, on Friday the 28th of September 2018, starting at 11 o’clock sharp, at AV Preservation by in Écublens (a suburb of Lausanne, Switzerland). Before that, everyone is free to realise multispectral digitisations with our setting which may be used for the following demonstrations, and tea is served.

As usual, the admission is free, but an inscription is required, because only eight places are available at our small facility. This will be a technical meeting and the attendees should be familiar with high-school maths, including functions, linear transformations and elementary matrix operations.