Reports from the Field

Y′COCG for Fun and Profit

When working with old colour processes, like the additive ones used during the first half century of cinema, it’s often more effective to handle independently, on one hand, the luma Y′ and, on the other hand, the chroma C1 and C2 components. Working with CO and CG is easier than working with the common CB and CR, because the de-correlation of the colour planes is better and the transcoding from and to R′G′B′ is faster. Therefore one can check quicker the results on modern monitors.

The openYCoCg package, which is currently tested by our clients, contains the following elements.

  • YCoCg is an experimental video codec, built on the Y′COCG colour space, designed for restoration purposes.
  • libycocg is a C library implementing the YCoCg video codec.
  • openycocg is a Bash command-line interface to libycocg allowing to encode, decode and analyse YCoCg video files.

What, When and Where

A short talk by Reto Kromer, followed by an informal Q&A session and light refreshments, on Friday the 22nd of June 2018, starting at 11 o’clock sharp, at our company AV Preservation by in Écublens (a suburb of Lausanne, Switzerland). The admission is free, but an inscription is required, as the places are limited to eight. Friends, colleagues and scholars on their pilgrimage to Bologna will have the precedence. (From 9 on an optional visit of our facility is organised, and tea is served.)