Open Source for Archives

The two-day Open Source for Archives workshop lead by Joshua Ng and Reto Kromer has been held at «AV Archiving Beyond Boundaries», the SEAPAVAA Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, on 6–12 April 2018.


Practical sessions

Exercise Files


Media Handling

Film Identification

Video Identification

Media Storage

AMIA Open Source

  • ffmprovisr – Repository of useful FFmpeg command lines for archivists.
  • Analog Inspection – List of analog media inspection templates/forms.
  • Open Workflows – List of open workflows and resources for audio-visual archiving.
  • Time-based media art resources – Resources on the care and preservation of software-based art and media art.
  • vrecord – An open-source video capture tool for archivists.
  • audiorecorder – A free tool for the calibration and recording of analog audio signals.
  • The Cable Bible – A guide to cables and connectors used for audiovisual technicians.
  • LTOpers – Scripts for doing stuff with LTFS.

Additional Bibliography