We are not racists!



The provider Infomaniak has censored our feedback form, because they consider the following Perl code (which processes an input generated by a pop-up menu containing the very same three items) as unsafe:

        if ($input{'to'} eq 'person_1') {
            $to_mail = 'person_1@reto.ch';
            $to_name = 'Name of Person 1';
        } elsif ($input{'to'} eq 'person_2') {
            $to_mail = 'person_2@reto.ch';
            $to_name = 'Name of Person 2';
        } elsif ($input{'to'} eq 'person_1') {
            $to_mail = 'person_3@reto.ch';
            $to_name = 'Name of Person 3';
        } else {
            die 'spam';

Despite the fact that this script hard-codes the three email addresses used by sendmail, Infomaniak do impose the additional use of captcha. Yet captcha are not accessible for many impaired people and, as a policy, we don’t wish to exclude impaired people from our websites. We are not racists!